Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Titus County Runoff Results

Subject: Titus County Runoff Results

The 7-31-12 runoff had an unusually high turnout.
Typically we would be lucky if 50% of the voters from the primary voted again in the runoff.

There were 1,553 Republican voters in the May 29th Primary and 1,090 in the July 31st runoff which is 70% of the primary voters. Obviously the U.S. Senator race had voters attention as did the Titus County Commissioner Precinct 1 race.

As you already know Ted Cruz won the Senator race.
Locally Ted Cruz increased his vote in Titus County by 110 while Dewhursts' primary voted dropped sharply by 282 or 41%.

                5-29-12    7-31-12
Cruz          528            638
Dewhurst   679            397

Dewhurst spent millions throwing mud that did not stick.

In the Commissioners race both candidates increased their votes from May but Al Riddle increased his the most, doubling his lead over David Shumate from May from 24 to 47.

                5-29-12        7-31-12   
Riddle        191            229
Shumate    167            182

Difference   24              47

It is good for Republican in Tits County when we can have a strongly contested primary in a Commissioner race and then have both candidates increase their votes in a runoff. I appreciate the efforts of both candidates in this race.

We now need to focus on getting Brian Lee some much needed help on the Commissioner Court by getting Al Riddle and Dana Applewhite both elected in November.

Nigel Christopher
Vice Chair
Titus County Republicans 

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