Friday, May 13, 2011

Reagan Day Dinner 2011 Video links


Reagan Day Dinner video is now uploaded to the Titus GOP Website Links Below:

Monday, May 9, 2011

Rep. Louie Gohmert grills Eric Holder


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"Have you looked at the evidence in the case???!!!"
– Rep. Gohmert to Eric Holder

Dear Barbara & Eric,

Watch this explosive video of Rep. Louie Gohmert questioning Attorney General Eric Holder during a House Justice Department oversight meeting last week.

Rep. Gohmert takes the Attorney General to task regarding Holder's failure to pursue further indictments against organizations like ISNA and CAIR in the Holy Land Foundation terror finance trial of 2008.

Watch the short video here now

Rep. Gohmert is a former chief justice of the 12th Court of Appeals in Texas and a rising star within the overall movement that is resisting the rise of radical Islam. He is one of the Members of Congress we have invited to speak at the legislative briefing portion of our national conference.

His boldness and clarity in confronting the spread of the Muslim Brotherhood's influence in America is a refreshing change among the elected ranks in Washington and is why we at ACT! for America have invited him to speak at our legislative briefing.

Register or find out more about our national conference here

The ACT! for America national conference and legislative briefing takes place June 22-24 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC.

After viewing the video of the exchange between Rep. Gohmert and Attorney General Holder, please take our poll: Should Eric Holder be fired?


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Rep Erwin Cain announces allocation of federal education dollars


 Cain announces allocation of education dollars

$4.9 million from Education Jobs Fund available to House District 3


 Austin — Today, State Representative Erwin Cain (R-Como) announced the allocation of federal education dollars recently made available to Texas.  School districts in Delta, Franklin, Hopkins, Lamar, Red River, and Titus Counties will be allocated $4,910,336.


The project period for the federal grant is Aug. 10, 2010 - Sep. 30, 2012 and no funds may be expended for central office employees, administrative expenses, or construction.  Recently, Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-Austin) attempted to prevent these funds from being allocated to Texas.  The "Doggett Amendment" held up $830 million in federal education money.  The School Districts in  House District 3 will receive education job funds:


Avery ISD - $82,516

Mount Vernon ISD - $275,240

Chapel Hill ISD - $184,015

North Hopkins ISD - $95,908

Chisum ISD - $162,339

North Lamar ISD - $500,404

Clarksville ISD - $172,976

Paris ISD - $629,611

Como-Pickton ISD - $165,334

Prairiland ISD - $218,113

Cooper ISD - $163,572

Rivercrest ISD - $145,103

Cumby ISD - $86,993

Roxton ISD - $41,959

Detroit ISD - $101,320

Saltillo ISD - $59,573

Harts Bluff ISD - $89,775

Sulphur Bluff ISD - $48,750

Miller Grove ISD - $54,212

Sulphur Springs ISD - $672,653

Mount Pleasant ISD - $921,629

Winfield ISD - $38,341


"These dollars go a long way toward addressing the funding challenges in education during these tough economic times," said Cain.  "I'm relieved that some in Washington weren't allowed to continue holding school districts hostage for partisan purposes."



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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reagan Day Dinner now on website / youtube

Reagan Day Dinner video is now uploaded to the Titus GOP Website (via YouTube)

Price Introduces Bill to Empower Medicare Patients




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                    

May 4, 2011


Price Introduces Bill to Empower Medicare Patients


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) issued the following statement after introducing H.R. 1700, the Medicare Patient Empowerment Act – legislation that would ensure the rights of Medicare beneficiaries and physicians to freely contract for items and services outside of the Medicare system.  Currently under Medicare, beneficiaries and physicians (and other providers) are barred from contracting with one another.  While gaining the right to independently contract for items and services under this legislation, Medicare beneficiaries would still retain their Medicare benefits.


"All Americans, including Medicare beneficiaries, should have access to quality, affordable care and the ability to make choices and decisions with their physicians that best serve their medical needs," said Congressman Price.  "The current Medicare system is broken and unsustainable.  Seniors are finding it increasingly difficult to find a physician.  That is unacceptable and why – in addition to fundamental reforms of the Medicare system – we need common sense approaches to give our seniors the opportunity to make decisions with their physicians without interference from Washington.  In addition to providing flexibility of care, this legislation will also help ensure seniors do not lose access to health care professionals and physicians – many of which are finding it harder to treat Medicare patients as the government continues to cut payments for services and impose burdensome regulations.  To have the highest quality and access to care in America, we must embrace these types of patient-centered solutions that will provide much needed flexibility."



Monday, May 2, 2011

Legislative Update - Sonogram Bill Receives Final Passage in Texas Senate


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Legislative Update: Sonogram Bill Advances in Texas Senate

Republican leaders have worked to craft a strong, pro-life bill

On Monday afternoon, the Texas Senate passed the committee substitute version of HB15 in another important step towards enacting priority legislation relating to the protection of life and a woman's right to be fully informed!  The vote was 21-10 in favor of passage, with three Democrats joining 18 Republican senators in voting for the bill.  HB 15 now moves to a third and final reading in the Senate on Tuesday.

RPT State Chairman Steve Munisteri thanked our Republican Senators for the action, stating "I am very pleased to see our Republican Senators taking the lead on this important legislation and for moving this bill farther along in the process. On behalf of the Republican Party of Texas, I wish to thank our Republican senators who voted for this bill: Brian Birdwell, John Carona, Bob Deuell, Robert Duncan, Kevin Eltife, Craig Estes, Troy Fraser, Chris Harris, Glenn Hegar, Joan Huffman, Mike Jackson, Jane Nelson, Robert Nichols, Steve Ogden, Kel Seliger, Florence Shapiro and Tommy Williams.  I especially wish to recognize Senator Dan Patrick for his ongoing work to guide this legislation through the chamber and in the House, Representative Sid Miller has also earned our thanks for the tremendous effort he has put into making sure that this bill is enacted. Together, these two Republican leaders have worked to craft a strong, pro-life bill to place on Governor Perry's desk. After today, we are one step closer to final passage and I thank all of our Republican Senators who voted for this bill today."



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Sunday, May 1, 2011


There is a link to a petition about halfway down this e-mail. Please take the time to sign it and then contact your state Senator and Govenor Perry. Most of you on my e-mail list will need to contact Senator Eltife. Conservatives are under attack in Texas on legislative redistricting and now State Board of Education redistricting. It all goes back to the election of the Speaker of the Texas House, Rino Joe Straus. The Speaker is actually the most powerful person in the Texas political system. Straus ran unopposed in 2010-if our conservative values are to be reflected that needs to change in 2012.
Barbara Bruechner, Mt. Pleasant Tea Party

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Donna Garner
Date: Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 5:46 PM


[4.29.11, 3:46 P. M.  -- This Facebook account of what happened in the Texas Senate today was sent to me a few minutes ago. The Solomons' Texas State Board of Education map E120 was passed 28-3, and Senator Dan Patrick was ruthlessly kept from even presenting the map that the majority of the Texas State Board of Education members preferred -- E118 map.  -- Donna Garner] 


Entrenched libs achieve their "fix" on the SBOE map!


I've been told for some time that the "fix" has been in on this and on the House redistricting-- didn't get to watch Sen. Seliger's venom at Senator Dan Patrick, as reported by those who did;  they just passed the SBOE map E120, by 28-3  The libs [RINO's and Democrats] are not too pleased at our exposure of their underhanded doublecross tactics.  Let's watch to see if their unbalanced redistricting, obviously punitive to conservative members and their now-gerrymandered districts, will pass legal muster.  Who stands to gain by gutting a conservative State Board of Education?   This has been as ugly as it gets. They would not even permit Senator Patrick's open debate on E118 [the map the majority of the SBOE members wanted], with Seliger moving to table it almost immediately.  Watch the Archives of the session - then ask Governor Perry to veto E120! At the very least we have been able to watch the players...important for 2012!




[Sen. Kel Seliger, a Republican from Amarillo, was evidently ruthless in the Senate meeting today.  Seliger represents the following counties: Bailey, Dallam, Deaf Smith, Hansford, Hartley, Hemphill, Hutchinson, Lipscomb, Moore, Ochiltree, Oldham, Parmer, Potter, Randall, Roberts and Sherman. I hope some authentic, conservative candidates are planning to run against Seliger in 2012. -- Donna Garner]




Texas Senate Live Broadcasts:




Since Gov. Perry has the power to pass or veto the House and/or the Texas State Board of Education redistricting maps, we need to contact his office and ask him to veto these maps that are deliberately targeting conservatives who are presently in the Texas Legislature and on the Texas State Board of Education.   


Gov. Perry's Office: 

Phone:   800-252-9600 or 512-463-1782

Fax:  512-463-1849





4.28.11 -- Posted on (Mark Ramsey blog) --


SBOE Conservatives Double-crossed in Senate Committee
[editor's note: This came from another site,, but explicitly deals with the Texas State Board of Education, so we thought you would be very interested.]

Urgent:  Please go to: sign the petition, and encourage your friends and email loops to do the same, and then PHONE CALL and FAX your Texas Senators.  TODAY.  NOW.
This is why:

[Tells what happened at the Senate Redistricting Committee meeting on Wednesday, 4.27.11]

Texas Senators failed to honor the "deal" struck two weeks ago in the House.
As late as Tuesday night [4.26.11], word was being spread that stealth attempts at harming SBOE conservatives via redistricting were being dropped, and the preferred-by-conservatives and preferred-by-SBOE plan "E118" was going to be adopted, as the gentleman's deal called for.
The committee meeting [Senate Redistricting Committee, 4.27.11] started a little later than its 8 am posting.  All appeared  normal.
Then Sen. Seliger of the Panhandle dropped a bomb--a political improvised explosive device with the power to wreck the Texas GOP for years to come.  He pretended to not know of the vast support for both the SBOE conservatives and their plan (E118), and submitted a rogue plan (E120), that had not been vetted or discussed or even visible to the public.  The fix was in.  Conservatives had been had.  While E118 had been open and transparently available to the public for nearly two weeks, E120 was not even available online until 8:15 yesterday morning, after the committee starting time!  Analytical details of E120, produced by the Legislative Council on all such plans, were not available until after the committee meeting adjourned.  The public, and even then committee members themselves, had zero input.  The SBOE members, with two possible exceptions, both freshmen rinos, did not either.  So much for transparent Government.  Texas, Lt. Governor Dewhurst, and Gov. Perry should be ashamed of the committee-if not outraged.
To add insult, just before press it has been discovered that the rogue E120 was finalized Tuesday morning, a full day before the committee meeting, but was intentionally hidden from public view!

Senator Dan Patrick of SD7 was the lone "hero" of the day, ably questioning the rogue plan, asking why Midland and Ector counties were flipped, (the unspoken but well-known reason is that Bob Craig does not want an opponent who happens to live in Ector County), its effects on rising GOP star Charlie Garza of El Paso, and importantly, the lack of time to study it.  Sen. Patrick was as surprised as everyone else, yet still went to battle for conservatives.
It was later discovered that the rogue stealth and hidden Seliger plan actually violates Federal Voting Rights Act (VRA) law guidelines, where the E118 had been crafted specifically to comply with this and no concerns about this with E118 had surfaced in two weeks!  Nonetheless, Sen. Seliger's non-answer to nearly every issue raised by Sen. Patrick was an un-supported "we had to due to VRA issues" type response, which is patently false as E118 is at least one other plan compliant with the VRA.  When unsupported, this is the redistricting equivalent of "playing the race card."
In short, one political insider described it as the "worse thing I've ever seen happen in my political career."
Please take action today-now-sign the petition AND CALL AND FAX your Senators.
Thank you.
Additional info:  See "Radioactive Results" article

Please read Donna Garner's article posted on 4.27.11 entitled "Every Parent's Alamo: Update on Texas State Board of Ed. Redistricting Maps" --




Donna Garner