Thursday, April 5, 2012

Calling all Titus County Republicans & Tea Party Conservatives

Dear Titus County Republicans,
I am sending out a personal invitation to Titus County Republicans and Tea Party conservatives to attend the Titus County Republican Party Convention.  This will be a gathering of the REAL 'grassroots' of Titus County, and the REAL 'grassroots' of the Republican Party.  All attendees will be Delegates.  I want to make sure everyone has the correct information and feels welcome.  
Titus County Republican Party Convention
Saturday, April 14
Titus County Courthouse Annex
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Doors open for Registration at 8:00 AM
Pre-registration forms are available at the GOP Primary Headquarters,
119 W. Arizona, weekdays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. 
You will be doing yourself a BIG FAVOR to pre-register if possible.  This year, without a Primary election, proof of party affiliation is not possible.  Everyone will be asked to take an Oath of Affiliation in addition to filling out the registration form.  If you stop by the Headquarters you can get all of that accomplished ahead of time and receive a blue Certificate of Affiliation, which is like your 'Toll Pass' through the registration line. 
The redistricting battles in the courts have required the rules for the convention process to be altered this year.  The Primary election will be held on May 29, which is too late to meet the deadlines for the business to be done for the GOP State and National Conventions.  This year we will meet in precincts at the county convention, and time will be given for the precincts to caucus.
The County Convention will accomplish two major pieces of business, in addition to special appearances of several of our candidates on the Primary ballot:
1.  We will compile all resolutions brought to the convention by the delegates.  These resolutions will be considered by the Resolutions Committee and recommended on the floor for approval by the body.  The resolutions are really the summation of important issues, policy statements and philosophical direction of the 'grassroots' of Titus County Republican Party.  Together they express our beliefs and if passed will go forward to the State Platform Committee.  
All Delegates are encouraged to submit resolutions.  They can be simply written and you will need to bring 4 copies each.  Example:


 Private employers are required to use the E-Verify system to prove legal status of potential    employees, it makes sense that Voter Registrars should also use the E-Verify System to prove citizenship before registering people to vote.


The Republican Party of Texas request that the full Texas Congressional delegation to the U.S. House and U.S. Senate be requested to pursue legislation to make this law. 


2.  We must elect 12 Delegates and 12 Alternates to represent Titus County at the Republican State Convention.  This is an important obligation and we need to send our best representatives.  We are witnessing the same liberal philosophical change in the Texas GOP that we see on a national level.  If we have any hope of regaining a conservative majority in the Party or elected leadership, we must see a vocal active 'grassroots' participation.  


Going to the convention is completely at your own personal expense.  It will be at the Ft. Worth Convention Center June 7-9.  The Texas Convention is quite an experience.  There will be over 9,000 delegates and up to 16,000 attending all together.  This is much bigger than the GOP national convention.  You can find out about those details and fill out an application at the Headquarters also.  Your application will be considered by the Nominations Committee, and a vote will take place.


Please call me on my cell 903-563-1106, my home 903-572-0653, or at the HQ 903-577-5665.  I'll be happy to answer any questions.


Please forward this e-mail to your conservative friends!!!!!


See you on April 14!


Sue Evenwel

Titus County Republican Party, Chairman