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Great article by Lou Antonelli

Lou Antonelli is no longer with the Mt. Pleasant Tribune, but he has written an insightful article regarding our local elections, which happen in May.  The only way others will see this is if you share it with your friends.
Read it and then pass it along!

There's an old saying that "charity begins at home". The same goes for fiscal responsibility.

Next Friday, Feb. 27, at 5 p.m. is the deadline for candidates to file for the May 9 spring city council and school board elections. I want to take a moment to drive home what this means.

Those of you who attended the visit by Michael Sullivan of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility at Herschel's Jan. 10 will recall how he pointed out the hollowness of "independent" in calling local school systems ISDs (Independent School Districts), as he urged frugality and the trimming of waste in government.

Despite strong ties to the central government in Austin, school trustees are still elected locally, and each year we have the opportunity to make a statement – if not progress – towards sensitizing the bureaucrats both at home and away of the impact their tax burden has on us.

All too often, these local positions are filled with people seeking personal gratification. School boards tend to attract retired educators or people with job-seeking friends and relatives. City councils become equally complacent, with contracts and bids being the goal in that case.

For example, in the case of the Mount Pleasant ISD, of the trustees up for election this year, one is a retired educator, and the other's wife is a current employee. The third, uncharacteristically, is a business owner.

In the case of the city council, the three incumbents up for re-election this year have, by a rough estimate, probably at least 60 years of combined service in office.

Apathy and routine leads to office holders regarding – whether intentionally or not – their offices as personal holdings rather than positions of trust and responsibility. A lack of accountability leads to a "get along, go along" attitude which has an ongoing corrosive effect on our tax rate and checkbooks, and sometimes disastrous results in budgets.

Many people, frustrated by the glacial progress of reform, throw up their hands and cry "What's the use?" But there are signs constantly of the progress made by asking the right questions and supporting the right candidates.

For example, despite the frustration of many over the "don't make waves" ethos of the county commissioners – a phenomenon hardly unique to Titus County – the election of one independent-minded commissioner, Al Riddle, opened up a whole new era of asking questions and not taking "business as usual" for granted.

Conspiracies require unanimity. The Russians have a traditional saying, "Two people can keep a secret, if one of them is dead." Much of the current frustration is caused by knowing things that were covered up in the past. But knowledge is the first step towards improvement.

Last year, the president of the school board, a retired educator whose son is a current employee, was unceremoniously booted from office in a landslide. Improvements still happen, and while gradual, are still improvements.

I suggest you turn your attention this week towards these local offices, and consider whether the citizens and taxpayers of Titus County would benefit from your service. Many times, people called upon by their peers respond "I don't have the time to do a good job", or "I'm not qualified." This is a sign of self-awareness and honesty. Unless the trustworthy step forward and fight the good fight, these positions of local responsibility will be filled by people seeking jobs and contracts for their family members and friends. The community suffers.

As a taxpayer and Titus County resident, I am concerned. In the past, I had the "bully pulpit" to hold forth with at the local newspaper, but a change of ownership brought in a corporate management made up of Wendy Davis idolaters. I still enjoy expressing myself, however.

Thanks for reading.

 Lou Antonelli

Republican Precinct Chairman, Precinct 8

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Conservative Leader speaks to local Republicans

Conservative leader speaks to local Republicans
Michael Sullivan, head of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, spoke to a packed house of Northeast Texas Republicans Saturday, Jan. 10, in Mount Pleasant.
An audience of over 100 County Republican Party Chairman and party loyalists packed the meeting room of Herschel’s restaurant as Sullivan discussed the upcoming legislative session.
He was introduced by Sue Evenwel of Mount Pleasant, a member of the State Republican Executive Committee for Senate District1, who noted his group “is one of the most influential conservative groups in Austin.”
Taking a jab at Austin’ liberalism, Sullivan noted “that’s like being called the tallest midget in the room.”
Looking forward to the legislative session, Sullivan said the Republican tide at the polls last November “should be correctly interpreted as a mandate for fiscal responsibility.”
He noted how gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis was a media darling who was depicted as leading Texas into the Democratic ranks.
“But I have a higher opinion of the people, and Texans got it right by rejecting a radical agenda,” said Sullivan. “She ran a horrendous campaign that claimed it would take Texas back from the Republicans. Instead, Texans rejected Chicago-style thuggery.”
He warned Republicans not to become complacent, however.
“The Left is making great strides in Texas,” he said.
He also warned the legislature must continue to encourage business growth in Texas.
“The other states are watching us, because Texas has made smart decisions and encouraged business with lower taxes during the past 15 years,” he said. “But we can’t sit on our laurels, and other states have learned from us.”
“Those businesses that have moved here from, say, California, they could always move on,” he added.
Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, as well as its parent group, the Empower Texas Foundation, are against the re-election of House Speaker Joe Straus to his legislative post.
He said the legislature has an “Elephant Team and a Donkey Team” and the Elephant Team are the winners.
“I don’t understand why they do things that make the Donkey Team happy,” he said.
He criticized Speaker Straus for being too moderate and willing to cooperate with the “Donkey Team.”
Sullivan urged audience members to lobby their representatives in Austin to oppose Straus.
Other speakers who preceded Sullivan included former Harris County Republican Chairman Jared Woodfill, and Neal Frey of Longview, president of the Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition.
Woodfill is running for state party chairman. He said he’s learned how to fight the liberal agenda by battling Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who last year supported a city ordinance barring businesses from discriminating against transgender people.
Woodfill warned the liberal agenda is spreading, noting Plano passed a similar ordinance last month. Both cities are being sued over the ordinances.
Frey urged members of the audience to support legislation to require that state funds cannot be used when a school district decides to use non-state approved textbooks.
After the speakers, Evenwel met with the Senate District1 county Republican chairmen.

Story and photos from meeting

The reality of Islam

I am forwarding this video because I believe we cannot continue to hide our heads in the sand.  These are the moderate muslims we hear about.  The radical ones are busy waging jihad.  This is who our President is protecting.  Barbaric savages.  This faith and government comes from the pit of hell...My God does not require this from His people.

Apologies in advance for the content of this video but it is a raw reminder of reality in the world of Islam.  This kind of behavior happens every day in a world where women are the the most unprotected and voiceless victims.

This poor woman committed a sin by just adding a sweater with red color to her burka.

This could be your/our country in 2030. Maybe sooner .... The barbarians are advancing worldwide. 

Favorable Jury Verdict Should Result in Victory for Voters and Religious...

Sent: 2/14/2015 7:29:03 A.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: Fwd: Favorable Jury Verdict Should Result in Victory for Voters and Religious Liberty!

Favorable Jury Verdict Should Result in Victory for Voters and Religious Liberty!

Great news...the jury returned a verdict that should allow the people to vote on Mayor Parker's Unequal Rights Ordinance. Over the past eight months, a coalition of pastors and community leaders have worked together to repeal Mayor Annise Parker's pro-LGBT so-called "Equal Rights Ordinance." A lawsuit was filed (Woodfill v Parker) after Parker and her legal team invalidated the petitions of approximately 55,000 Houstonians who sought a referendum vote on Parker's Unequal Rights Ordinance.
"The Mayor's lawyers went to extraordinary lengths to discredit, demean, denigrate and disqualify as many petitions and signatures as possible. Thankfully, in spite of an incredible amount of detail presented and even oft repeated by the city's attack team, our God has again raised His standard of justice," stated Dr. F.N. Williams, lead plaintiff for the pastors of the No UNequal Rights Coalition and Senior Pastor of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church as well as President of Houston Ministers Against Crime.
During the two week trial, the Mayor and her legal team of fifteen lawyers attempted to use the power of government to intimidate and threaten those who opposed her LGBT agenda, including attacking pastors, citizens, and even my family.
"We are thankful that the God of justice stood with this David again against the Goliath of the machinery of city government in the hands of those like Annise Parker intent on serving her personal agenda even at the cost of voting rights of the people," added Pastor Hernan Castano, an influential Hispanic pastor and network leader as well as one of the "Houston Five" subpoenaed by the Mayor.
Judge Robert Schaffer will now apply the ruling to the almost 55,000 individuals who signed the petition. I am confident he will conclude we had the requisite 17,269 signatures necessary for the people to vote on this issue.
I want to thank all of you who have been praying over this case. I also want to thank the Houston Area Pastor Council and the thousands of grassroots activists across the country who stood with us as we fought for religious liberty and voting rights!
Jared Woodfill

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