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Favorable Jury Verdict Should Result in Victory for Voters and Religious...

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Subj: Fwd: Favorable Jury Verdict Should Result in Victory for Voters and Religious Liberty!

Favorable Jury Verdict Should Result in Victory for Voters and Religious Liberty!

Great news...the jury returned a verdict that should allow the people to vote on Mayor Parker's Unequal Rights Ordinance. Over the past eight months, a coalition of pastors and community leaders have worked together to repeal Mayor Annise Parker's pro-LGBT so-called "Equal Rights Ordinance." A lawsuit was filed (Woodfill v Parker) after Parker and her legal team invalidated the petitions of approximately 55,000 Houstonians who sought a referendum vote on Parker's Unequal Rights Ordinance.
"The Mayor's lawyers went to extraordinary lengths to discredit, demean, denigrate and disqualify as many petitions and signatures as possible. Thankfully, in spite of an incredible amount of detail presented and even oft repeated by the city's attack team, our God has again raised His standard of justice," stated Dr. F.N. Williams, lead plaintiff for the pastors of the No UNequal Rights Coalition and Senior Pastor of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church as well as President of Houston Ministers Against Crime.
During the two week trial, the Mayor and her legal team of fifteen lawyers attempted to use the power of government to intimidate and threaten those who opposed her LGBT agenda, including attacking pastors, citizens, and even my family.
"We are thankful that the God of justice stood with this David again against the Goliath of the machinery of city government in the hands of those like Annise Parker intent on serving her personal agenda even at the cost of voting rights of the people," added Pastor Hernan Castano, an influential Hispanic pastor and network leader as well as one of the "Houston Five" subpoenaed by the Mayor.
Judge Robert Schaffer will now apply the ruling to the almost 55,000 individuals who signed the petition. I am confident he will conclude we had the requisite 17,269 signatures necessary for the people to vote on this issue.
I want to thank all of you who have been praying over this case. I also want to thank the Houston Area Pastor Council and the thousands of grassroots activists across the country who stood with us as we fought for religious liberty and voting rights!
Jared Woodfill

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