Sunday, June 7, 2015

Post legislative Update June 13

Subject: Post legislative Update June 13

Just a reminder to put this on your calendar for Saturday!
SD#1 Post Legislative Update and Analysis for
GOP County Chairmen, Precinct Chairmen, 
TEA Party members and activists! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fwd: Post-legislative analysis at Herschel's

Greetings Titus Republicans!
Early in January we had a very exciting and informative meeting with Michael Q. Sullivan, discussing the legislative expectations we had for the 84th Legislative session.  Well, how did it work out for Texas?   Did we get what we expected from a Republican controlled legislature?
Now it is time for a Post-legislative analysis!  
I have contacted all six Representatives in SD#1 and Senator Eltife.  I am very pleased Representatives Bryan Hughes and David Simpson have agreed to come, and are very happy to summarize the dynamics of the 140 days they spent in Austin.
Attached is a flyer about the event.  Please mark your calendar for next Saturday and join us at Hershel's  I am expecting County Chairman and activists from all over our Senate district.