Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ammo purchases by government agencies continues-time to ask questions folks!

Subject: Fwd: Ammo purchases by government agencies continues-time to ask questions folks!

The list of govt agencies stockpiling ammo continues to increase. Bert Edmonson, Franklin co GOP chair sent the link to article about Social Security Administration buying up hollow point ammo. I am including a link about National Weather Service recently purchasing ammo also. We are seeing numerous governmental agencies stockpiling ammo, beginning with the Dept of Homeland Security in Apil when they purchased 450million rounds. I think that it is time to ask our Senators and Congressional representatives what in the world is going on that our government is stockpiling ammunition?
Barbara Bruechner, Mt. Plesant, Tx. Tea Party

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From: Bert Edmondson
Date: Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 7:34 PM
Subject: Ammo purchases

Open the link below and ask yourself what the heck is going on. 
In God We Trust
I find no denials per our telecom.
What's going on.  They're buying as many bullets as the Army, only the Army cannot buy hollow point bullets. 
It is illegal to shoot the enemy with them but OK to shoot US citizens with them? 
You don't buy hollow points to shoot target practice.  You use wad cutters or lead slugs or full metal jacket, FMJ.
The is an order for the weather guys for 150,000 + rounds of hollow point ammo and 500 targets.  Are we expecting some really nasty weather? 
Off the .gov website there is a 500 page purchase order for DHS for all kinds of ammo.  Millions and millions of rounds.  What war are they planning for?
Match grade boat tail(extra aerodynamic) hollow point (BTHP) .223 is AR-15 200 yd sniper ammo.  Who are they going to shoot with 50,000 rounds of sniper ammo?

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