Thursday, August 16, 2012

Volunteer Deputy Registrar Training for Voter Registration Thurs Aug 16th

Voter registration is one of the activities that both parties use to increase the turn out at elections.
We typically have had several people act as deputy registrars, in previous election years and register new voters at the County Fair and other events.
Any Deputy Registrar's from earlier election years need to reapply, as the registration automatically expires at the end of even numbered years.

During the last session of the Texas House, changes were made to the Election Code, adding training requirements for people who volunteer to register people to vote. This is intended to increase the integrity of the 'volunteer deputy registrar' program. Of course these training requirements were subjected to review by the Federal justice Dept. and were recently found to be acceptable.

The Titus County Election Administrator, Leonard Rockwell, will be conducting a training session for Volunteer Deputy Registrars at 6.00 pm tomorrow Thursday Aug. 16th at the Election Office, across the street from the Post Office. I plan on attending and encourage any else who is interested to attend.

There will likely be another training session, probably in September.

Nigel Christopher
Vice Chair
Titus County Republicans

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