Friday, August 24, 2012

Titus GOP gearing up for election

YOU can't afford to sit on the sidelines this year!
We must win this election!
The Titus County GOP is getting ready for a very intense election cycle.  The future of our country, the Constitution and our own families are at risk.  There has never been a time in history when the outcome of ONE election is so critical. 
We will soon be opening the GOP Headquarters at 303 W. First Street, and we are very excited.  This is the 'Juan T's' building that is diagonally across the street from Billy Craig.  By the end of next week, I hope we will get our first shipment of yard signs and road signs.  In two week weeks we will have Romney/Ryan T-shirts for sale.
All of this requires a large budget and we really need your help!  Will you consider giving us a donation to help with our operating expenses. 
Please go to our web site
and make a donation with Paypal
We must raise all of the money for our needs in Titus County.  We get NO HELP from the state or national parties.  When you respond to those floods of mailers from the RPT or RNC, we see none of that financial help. 
The Romeny/Ryan campaign does not give us any signs.  We buy everything, down to each rally sign and bumper sticker.  We have already placed our first $2000 order for the resources you want us to have on hand for you.
What can YOUR money do?
                               $50 will buy 15 yard signs and stakes.
                             $100 will buy 30 yard signs and stakes.
                             $200 will buy 10 Road signs and T-Posts
                             $500 will help pay the utility bills, internet and telephone for one month
                           $1000 will help us with all the above, PLUS get you a BIG KISS!
We need to cover Titus County with
visual support of Romney/Ryan!
Please go to our web site
and make a donation with Paypal.
You can mail a check to:
Titus County Republican Party
298 Greenhill Park Ave
Mt. Pleasant, TX  75455

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