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Press Release in response to President's Job Speech: HALL SUPPORTS LASTI...



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September 9, 2011

Press Contact: Adrienne Rimmer                                                                              




WASHINGTON, DC . . .  In response to the President's Joint Session of Congress address last evening, Rep. Ralph Hall (TX-04) released the following statement:


"Throughout last month, I spent Congress' August recess going around the 4th District to speak with and listen to constituents in person. The need for jobs is the top concern among the majority of constituents, and job creation will continue to be my top priority.


"Last night the President addressed Congress and the Nation, where he discussed his proposed American Jobs Act. I agree with the President that both parties must work together to solve the serious problem of America's unemployment. House Republicans have passed numerous jobs bills that could immediately help spur job creation, but these have stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate. I urge the President to take action on these valuable bills, and ask that the Senate approve these bills so that they might reach his desk for signature.


"Washington's out-of-control spending and excessive regulation have created an environment where it is nearly impossible for private-sector job creators to grow, let alone thrive.  Last week, House Republicans announced our fall legislative calendar, which focuses heavily on the repeal of job-destroying regulations and promotes pro-growth tax relief.


"The President and most of the Democratic leaders indicate that the Republicans are uncooperative. We stand ready to cooperate on policies that are good for America. I do not believe that Americans want us to lessen our efforts to kill a bad health bill - nor to allow the President and the Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) to continue to prevent the drilling of our own country when gasoline prices are outrageous and we have enough energy within our own borders. We should not be energy-dependent on countries with whom we share a mutual distrust.


"While I support the overall goal of the President's speech last night, I strongly disagree with this President's policy on getting things done. I disagreed with his $1.2 trillion 'stimulus' in 2009, and I believe my concerns have been validated. The unemployment rate rose following the 'stimulus,' averaging at 9.4 percent, and more than 1.4 million jobs have been lost. His latest proposal will have, at most, a short-term effect on the employment rate. America needs jobs now, and we need jobs that will exist in the future. As the year progresses, I will continue to work for real and lasting job creation solutions."


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