Friday, September 23, 2011

Concerned Titus Taypayers running newspaper ad-contribute if you can!

A group of concerned Titus co taxpayers will be running an ad in the Wed edition of the Tribune with a reprint of the data that I have e-mailed showing salary comparisons for Co. Commissioners in Texas. With this data in mind, it will ask the question of why our commissioners are not willing to take a 10% salary and a 50% travel cut (since both are above average pay for Tx counties) when everyone else is going through hard times.
The price of a full page ad is a bit over a $1,000 dollars and some have already pledged to help, but more is needed. If you can donate to the cause, e-mail or call me at 903-572-8786. The advertisement is considered politicial so will have to be paid for tomorrow morning before it is published. If money is raised over and above,  an ad of the same size or smaller depending on finances will be repeated in the Sunday Tribune. If you need to contact me during business hours, phone is best-I don't have e-mail at office.
Barbara Bruechner

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