Thursday, September 8, 2011

Boot camp for activists

American Majority Training

American Majority will conduct Activist Training and Candidate Training in Mt. Pleasant, Texas on Saturday October 1st at Two Senoritas Restaurant located at 2001 West Ferguson Road just off I-30.

Registration for the Activist Training will begin at 9:30am with the Activist training beginning at 10am. The Activist Training will conclude at 2pm. The cost of the Activist Training is $25 (includes lunch).
American Majority Activist Training will include the following:

  • How to organize and hold successful events
  • How to increase membership
  • Learn how to keep government accountable
  • What is a FOIA and how to use it
  • Learn effective campaign strategies
  • How to use social media in getting out your message
  • Plus, interaction with those who have "been there done that"

The Candidate Training will begin at 2pm and conclude at 4pm. The cost of the Candidate Training is $50 and will include:

  • How to organize the campaign
  • Learn how to raise money effectively
  • Fine tuning of talking points
  • Using online resources to build a successful campaign
  • Plus, interaction with those who have worked on successful campaigns in the past

This will be a great opportunity to establish contacts throughout the Northeast Texas area which will strengthen all of the groups and candidates.

Just imagine all of the conservative groups and candidates in East, North, and Northeast Texas putting boots on the ground with a plan of action that will change the political landscape of the area. That is what the meeting in Mt. Pleasant is all about!

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