Thursday, January 17, 2013

Titus GOP workshop on Saturday

Hello friends and patriots,
This Saturday ( January 19th) the Titus GOP Executive Board (Precinct Chairman) will be getting together to discuss how to improve and grow the GOP in Titus County.  It  will be the real nuts and bolts of organizing the grassroots.
Despite what we see coming out of Washington, or Austin right now, our mission is to grow a voter base here in Titus to elect strong conservative individuals who will fight for conservative principles, less government, low taxes, right here where we live.  We need to find those people to fill all the county offices.  With a strong party here, we can also exert our influence in Austin.  If we can accomplish that, we will have done a good job.
The Titus GOP has gained some strength in the last several years, thanks in many ways to all of you and the TEA party.  Now it is time to implement some ideas and policies that will help us improve and grow.  Precinct development in a rural settling is much different than in the metroplex. In fact, what we do on Saturday may just set a precedent for other rural counties, because no one at the state level seems to have a working plan we can use!!  We are inventing the wheel!!
I am expecting our Executive Board to come, but I would also like to see any interested conservative citizens join us for the conversations.  If you have wanted to get involved, but first need to "test the waters", this might be the time to do it.  Don't come expecting to discuss issues and politics.  We will be dealing with organization and planning.  This will be planning how the sausage gets made.  LOL
Attached is an agenda that will be followed loosely.  Precinct development and the many avenues of communication are the most important.  If we "park" on those things and never get to fundraising it will be okay!  A workshop needs to stay focused but doesn't have to be rigid if the work is productive.
Please let me know if you plan to attend,  Executive Board and friends.  I want to have enough seats set up in the room and enough donuts on hand!!!  Just quickly email me a reply.
Looking forward to seeing you Saturday morning.  Don't forget to bring your laptop, if you choose.  A WiFi connection will be available.

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