Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tax Increase for Titus Co "not ruled out" by one Commissioner-Duty Alert!!!

The Titus Co Commissioners are in the early stages of their budget planning and one commissioner, Mike Fields,  said that he hoped it wasn't necessary, but a tax increase for Titus County taxpayers was a possibility. Commissioner Thomas Hockaday and County Judge Brian Lee indicated that that were opposed to a tax increase in our conversations with them. We have not had the opportunity to visit with Commissioners Phillip Hinton or Don Boggs for their position on the issue. I would urge ALL of you who are taxpayers in Titus county to voice your opinion on a tax increase to all commissioners and thank those are opposed to an increase. They hope to have the budget finalized by the end of August, so put this on your priority "to do list".
Contact info is:
Precinct 1 Commissioner Don Boggs  903-563-3652
Precinct 2 Commissioner Mike Fields 903-572-7172
Precinct 3 Commissioner Phillip Hinton 903-575-0478
Precinct 3 Commissioner Thomas Hockaday 903-572-0402
Titus Co Judge Brian Lee 903-577-6791
        Fax 903-577-6793
         e-mail titusjudge@gmail.com
There was not an e-mail listed for the commissioners on the county website, so if you find it easier to e-mail, I would suggest sending to the County Judge e-mail for forwarding to commissioners court. Our commissioners meet on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month and I have attended enough of their meetings to feel confident in stating that unless they get feedback from you, the taxpayer, a tax increase is a real possibility because very few attend these meetings and voice their opinion. This past Monday, local businesswoman Sherry Spruill addressed the court about her concerns on tax increases, but she and I were the only concerned citizens there.
As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so I would recommend all of you start making noise!
 With June unemployment at 8.2% for the county and our local economy suffering from severe drought, EPA mandates threatning local industry and employement, this is absolutely an irritational idea. Many property owners are on Social Security and have not seen a cost of living increase in several years. Noone can afford increased taxes and I would urge you all to contact our commissioners and county judge and firmly, but politely, request that they cut spending instead of increasing our taxes!
The Mt. Pleasant School Board will be meeting this coming Monday, August 15 at 5:30 to adopt a tax rate for the coming year-all taxpayers need to be present to weigh in on this also. Their meetings are held at the old high school building on Riddle Street on the 2nd floor.
Barbara and Eric Bruechner, Mt. Pleasant Tea Party

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