Sunday, August 7, 2011

So you want to those paying taxes to pay more?

You know as I have been listening to all the talk coming from the left (especially the White House) wanting to tax "The Rich" it just makes my stomach turn.
Why oh why would you want to do that?
When 49% of the working population pay no Federal income taxes, why take more from those that do?
I have heard several high income people say they wouldn't mind doing this. That being the case if you want to pay more in taxes... go for it pay all you want, knock yourself out. Just don't force it on everyone else that had rather not pay as much in taxes.
Further more, how about this..... for those that get Tax Refunds.... You can't get back more than you pay in. Wow that is an idea.....
I for one am sick and tired of all the class war fare that is coming from the current administration.
If you want to increase revenues, how about lower (everyone that actually pays taxes) tax burdens.
Lower capital gains, lower corp. tax burdens, make it business friendly, thus increasing jobs, and jobs in turn increases revenue....
(I know.... too simple, yet so simple our Congress, and Administration can't grasp it)
It is time for us to have our government working for the people (not themselves) like our Constitution (The greatest "document" on earth) established.

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