Friday, January 24, 2014

Deputy Registar training

Precinct Chairman,
I know this is the last minute, but I just found out today that Leonard has scheduled Deputy Registar training tomorrow  (Friday) evening at 4:30 PM, at the Election office.
As a Deputy Registar you will be able to actually help register people to vote, and then personally carry the card to the Election office to get the person on the registered voter rolls.  Otherwise, you could only encourage them to fill out the card and send it in.  That means you can personally register folks at church, at the county fair, at any community event, or when walking door-to-door in a campaign.  The legislature requires everyone to participate in a training class before they are sworn into this voluntary position.
Why is this important????  Let's just say I would like our good Republicans to be just as much a force in Titus County as the Obama/ACORN crowd.
If you have the time, please consider being there tomorrow.

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