Sunday, January 26, 2014

Another taxpayer opinion about who should pay for bridge and my opinion

I have talked with numerous small business owners and tax payers the past few weeks and we are in total agreement on the subject of who should pay for the bridge that OOPS is 16 inches too low to the railroad track. In the real world if you make a mistake, you fix it at no charge to the owner or in this case,  the taxpayer.The taxpayers of this county have paid Pate Transportation Partners a lot of money, about 7 million to be exact, on construction oversight alone. 
The tracks were not raised 16 inches, the bridge is just too low period. The problem is Pate's, not ours. Time to pass the responsibility up the food chain to Pate, not down to the taxpayers of this county.
Barbara Bruechner



  I would like to express my concerns about the bridge over  Old Highway 271 and the Union Pacific Railroad track. I believe we have a SUPER ELEVATED HORIZONTAL VERTICAL CURVE structure. This is a very complex design although I would think in this day and time there are computer programs that do this but the elevation part should  be as simple as arithmetic.

  The letter from Mr. Keith Kridler that states the original information from the very first surveys and continuing to present should or has been given to Pate Transportation. I have attached a position of their contract that plainly states that they are solely responsible for all of this project. I see no reason for we the citizens of Titus County to pay $1.8 million for their mistakes and adding to our debt, when other infrastructure's in the County would and could use that kind of money.

  You and the Commissioners are elected Officers of Titus County and are responsible for the finances of this County, so man up and do the right thing and make Pate Transportation pay. That is what they have agreed to do in their contract.



                Jerry D Domino

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