Monday, October 8, 2012

This week at the GOP HQ

Hello Friends,
There are just 15 day before Early Voting begins in Titus County.  Here are a few things you may want to tell your friends about and attend.
1.  Tonight is the debate with the local Republican and Democrat candidates running for Commission in Pct. 1 & Pct. 3.  The debate will be at the Agricultural Extension Office on Industrial, beginning at 7:00 PM.  Make time to come whether you live in those precincts or not.  Both Republican candidates are ready to take on the excessive spending and 'Washington, DC' like budgeting going on in Titus County.  Everyone needs to give support to these two men.
2.  Thursday Night is the Vice Presidential Debate.  Join us at the HQ for a light dinner and lively conversation at 6:30.  This week the menu will be an assortment of submarine sandwiches, chips, dessert and beverage.  The cost is $5 a person.  Then at 8:00 PM we turn on C-Span and FOX (muted) and watch the debate.  A 'No Talking' rule goes into effect and worked very well last week.  Everyone was able to hear the whole debate without any problem.
3.  Next week 'Movie Nite" starts on Thursday, October 18.  The first movie will be Dreams of My Real Father.  This is a documentary on the relationship between Barack Obama and the radical communist Frank Marshall Davis, and why Davis is most probably Obama's father. 
The HQ has been very busy with people dropping in from all over northeast Texas and beyond.  More bumper stickers and buttons will be here by Wednesday, and more T-Shirts by Friday.  Size medium will be in!!!   Yeah!!!!
See you tonight!

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