Friday, October 12, 2012

Ralph Hall Reception - Mt. Pleasant

Join us for a
Pre-Debate Reception
for Congressman Ralph Hall
We are so pleased to invite you to a grassroots fundraiser for our favorite
Congressman, Ralph Hall. I know this is 'short notice', but it is very important!
Ralph is not in danger of losing his seat, but there are some wealthy Democrats looking to viciously attack him over the radio, TV and print media during this election cycle.  Congressman Hall does not have a big 'War Chest' to respond to these attacks. He so frequently writes checks from his funds to help county chairmen and GOP auxiliaries with their expenses.  He has always been very generous with us, and the Republican Women of Northeast Texas. 
We are asking the grassroots from all over northeast Texas to open their wallets and help him now.  I hope you can join us for this Pre-Debate Reception next Tuesday.  Ralph is looking forward to seeing you here at the Titus County Election Heaquarters
If you can't come, please drop off a contribution at the headquarters
Monday or Tuesday between 9:30 AM  and 4:00 PM, or put it in the mail.
Please pass this invitation to people on your email lists!
I'm looking forward to seeing a big crowd on Tuesday.  If you get a chance, please RSVP with a reply email.
Thank you,
Sue Evenwel, Chair
Titus County Republican Party

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