Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Commissioners vote no on saving taxpayers money on health program

After further presentations this morning from both Brinson Benefits and the county's current health care provider Health First, Titus Co Commissioners voted no to saving taxpayers money and voted 3-2 to retain Health First in 2012. The vote came after a motion from Commissioner Hockaday, seconded by Mike Fields.  Commissioner Hinton also voted yes to retain Health First. The no votes were cast by Judge Brian Lee and Commissioner Boggs. I am attaching a copy of the recommendations made today by Brinson Benefits.
One interesting observation from the meeting is that it was noted that Titus taxpayers spend $1 million yearly for county employee health benefits. Consultants are used for other county insurance but when the county entertained the idea of using Brinson Benefits as a consultant for health insurance, Health First threatened to terminate all services to the county. The majority of our commissioners voted today to continue doing business with this company instead of voting to do the best thing for the taxpayers-fire them and save money!!! Take the time to read the attached and forward to every taxpayer you know in Titus county. 
Barbara Bruechner, Mt. Pleasant Tea Party

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