Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Someone explain why we should be punished to succeed?

As I sat here watching the president give his speech, on the budget debate. He kept talking about taxing the "Rich" more.
I just want someone to explain to me "WHY" should we punish people for being successful!
If I take the risk and invest my money, with the "Hope" for a return on my investment.
If I get out there and "EARN" income, what gives you the Government the right to take my hard earned money and give it to someone who is either too darn lazy or un willing to do the same thing?
Mr. Big Government, I had an economics teacher in High School that used to have a great saying....... people want "something for nothing" I guess that includes you too.....
If someone wants to eat.... let him work for it, if he wants anything, let him work for it..... There is something out there that ANYONE that truly wants to can do...... Plus it will give them a sense of pride, that they actually earned it rather than having a handout.
I believe when someone is truly in need, give them a hand "UP" not a hand "OUT".
Mr. Big Govt....... How about cut your Big spending, get your hands out of our pockets, and quit punishing those of us that choose to Earn what we have, because we choose to earn, and learn, take a chance, make our own way, and our own fortune or not.
Do not punish those of us who choose to be a success!
My thoughts, I welcome yours.

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