Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fwd: Titus GOP Week at a Glance

Good morning patriots,
Our hearts are filled with prayer and concern for our friends and family living in the areas that were devastated by Hurricane Harvey.  The First Baptist Church, the local chamber of Commerce and Brookshires are helping with the relief effort.  I am sure there are more churches and organizations doing the same.  Join the President today in a National Day of Prayer for Texas.
The Reagan Day Dinner is a very important fund raising event for the local GOP.  There is no money coming in from the national or state party to help us in Titus County, no matter what you hear and see in solicitation phone calls or mailers.  We do this dinner every 2 years instead of pestering you with constant pleas for money all year round.  The proceeds will cover our financial needs for a 2 year election cycle, with both candidate resources and party operational expenses.
The evening will be spectacular.  Dinner by Chef David of Odie Faye's.  Speakers are strong conservative voices in Washington and Austin.  It will be a great evening at the cost of about .50 cents a week over the next 2 years to help the Titus GOP.  That's less than 1/6 the cost of a designer cup of coffee  Make your reservations Now!
Blessings for your week!

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