Saturday, September 17, 2016

Let's celebrate Constitution Day with a Bang!

Subject: Let's celebrate Constitution Day with a Bang!

It's a CRC Money Bomb!

Attention all Titus County & area GOP Grassroots Activists!

Happy 229th birthday to our United States Constitution! Join us in celebrating Sept. 17, 1787 by making a donation of $17.87 to the CRC, as we help fund down-ballot conservative Republican candidates all across Texas!

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100% of the money you donate goes to funding local candidates.  Not a DIME goes to the general fund of the RPT.

Many local candidates in our SD#1 have received money from the CRC.  In Ttius County, Al Riddle and Jimmy Parker have received checks from the CRC.  This year Constable candidate, Ray Barrett will be getting another $750 check to help him.  As a result we now have Republican office holders in Titus, Camp, Franklin and Morris Counties where Democrats were in power since the days of Reconstruction!

It's our time to give back, or 'pay forward'.  There are excellent GOP conservative candidates running in local elections in Bexar, Val Verde, Nueces and Cameron Counties.  These are very winnable seats in traditionally Democrat strongholds.  This year we could see those counties 'flip'.  

An extra $500 or $1,000 in these local campaigns may mean $$$ for one more county wide mailer, or Facebook boost, or newspaper ad, or a few mone signs.

Please donate $17.87 today!

The CRC has already awarded more than $140,000 to local-level candidates, but there is more work to be done! In honor of Constitution Day, we are celebrating by making an all-out push to raise the money to put us over our goal!

Donate $17.87 today to help make Texas even REDDER... all the way down the ballot! Click here to donate:

Please share to help spread the word!!

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