Friday, January 9, 2015

Call Ratcliffe's office

Subject: Call Ratcliffe's office

John Ratcliffe's office phone number in Washington is (202) 225-6673.
Call him today and let him know how disappointed you are in his vote on Tuesday.  I was told he is going to be voting as a conserrvative on the President's Amnesty bill and the pipeline this next week.  Well duh!!!!  Those are easy votes.  He would be STUPID to vote against the pipeline or for amnesty! 
We needed him to support a fellow Texan in vote for Speaker.  He is an easy squish!   He 'stuck his finger in the air" to see which way the wind is blowing.  He got a TON of calls asking him to vote for Louie.  He wasn't willing to risk anything, which means he wants to be there for a long time.  He cares more about the office than the people he represents!
Call his office today (202) 225-6673.

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