Monday, January 30, 2012

Don't give up!

January 30, 2012


Chairman Munisteri,


I may be just a County Chairman from a small Texas county, but I am very unhappy about the news filtering out of San Antonio. Reports sound like we are ready to 'cave in' to the bullying tactics of the Democrat plaintiff's. Democrats could win as many as 14 or 15 seats?  Four new congressional seats to be given to the Democrats? What is this all about?


Don't give in to the demands from the plaintiff's. We won the re-districting pencil, and the right to draw those districts. The date of the election and the convention dates, and the expense surrounding those issues are all secondary to the outcome of winning those new seats in Congress and keeping the lines drawn by the state legislature.

Here we are making decisions of how voting boundary lines will be drawn, with the primary objective being to give equal representation to a block of undocumented people who are not eligible or registered to vote. Are we insane?


I believe much of this expanded population in Texas is here illegally. There is nothing on the census form to check if you a legal or not. It is just a count of warm bodies. I know you can't do anything about that, but the premise is maddening. The plaintiff's are working on the assumption that this increased population must be labeled Democrat because of an ethnic box checked on the census. Are we nuts?


Maggie Thatcher once said, "Compromise is the absence of leadership". We need strong leadership on this issue to push back the liberal agenda and take our rightful position. Where in the Constitution does a court have the authority to overthrow the decision of duly elected representatives? The U.S. Supreme Court essentially agrees with that position. That court in San Antonio has assumed a place of authority that they were never given constitutionally.


The 'grassroots' are tired of being pushed around, and I urge you to step up to the challenge of leading the 'charge' for us. There is no honor in compromise when your principles have been crushed in the process. We have taken the moral and legal high-ground. We are in the right and lawful position to do the re-districting because we won the elections. Do not give any ground to the enemy.


There is nothing in the law that makes it unlawful to re-district for your own benefit. It was done for years by the Democrats. There is nothing in the law that says every ten years the playing field must be equalized. Do not give away anything!


I would rather see headlines that say, GOP Plays Hardball, State Convention Has Been Suspended Indefinitely.  If WINNING THE BATTLE means we keep an April 3 Primary and have our conventions go on as planned, we have missed the point and we have LOST THE WAR.


When this is over I want serious discussion to begin about untying our convention process to election laws. Most other states can have their internal party business done outside of election dates. There is no reason we need to wait for an election to nominate delegates to our County and State Conventions. And yes, this will have to include the idea of a 'closed primary', and it's about time!  Only those loyal to the principles and leadership of the Republican Party should have a right to vote in our Primary elections.




Sue Evenwel

Titus County Republican Party,



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