Thursday, October 13, 2011

Titus Commissioners fail to act on saving taxpayers money

The Titus Co Commissioners met this morning and after recently raising our taxes, refusing a pay cut and passing an unbalanced budget, they today failed to take action on attending a workshop to reduce the taxpayer funded cost of county health care benefits. Linda Hooper, Benefit Strategist with Brinson Benefits, Inc. talked with the commissioners about her evaluation of the counties health care program and stated that after initial review there were four potential areas of improvement that could save the county (ie the taxpayers) $228,509.00 yearly. Her initial proposals would have minimal or no detrimental impact on employees.
She continued to state that a workshop with commissioners would be very beneficial to explore further savings.
I am attaching a copy of her complete statements and her closing conclusion was "There is sufficient savings potential to warrant a more in depth review review of the County's employee benefit program and to allocate the court's time in a working session to evaulate these findings in more detail". Judge Brian Lee proposed holding a workshop on October 28th. There was little discussion and no motion was made by any of the commissioners on holding the workshop. The county's health care package comes up for renewal on Jan 1, 2012 so this is a timely issue.
I spoke with Judge Lee after the meeting and he is planning a workshop with Brinson Benefits on October 28th despite the total lack of interest displayed today by our Commissioners. I have a real problem comprehending their reluctance to explore ideas about saving the taxpayers money when they just passed a budget that is still unbalanced, raised our taxes and refused to take a pay cut with the exception of Commissioner Boggs who faces reelection in 2012 and agreed to a 4% cut.
It's time to voice your opinion again folks. I know that workday morning meetings are next to impossible for lots of you, but take the time to call your commissioner or e mail the commissioners in care of Judge Lee, Ask them why they are not making a diligent effort, or for that matter any effort at all, to save taxpayers money.  
Barbara Bruechner, Mt. Pleasant Tea Party

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